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Past Events

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IL-03 Candidate Endorsement (11/29/2017)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (10/12/2017)

DFA Live with Ta-Nehisi Coates (10/5/2017)

“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”: Host a Movie Night in September! (9/21/2017)

DFA Live with Chokwe Lumumba (5/27/2017)

DFA Live with Chokwe Antar Lumumba (5/25/2017)

DFA Live with Elizabeth Warren and Rob Quist (4/26/2017)

Night School: Building a Reflective Democracy - The Story of Us and Now (4/13/2017)

DFA Live with Jeff Merkley and Ilyse Hogue (3/22/2017)

Night School: So you want to run for office? Considering and Launching Your Run (3/9/2017)

DFA Live with Keith Ellison (1/31/2017)

DFA Live Election Debrief with Pramila Jayapal, Robert Reich and Keith Ellison (11/10/2016)

DFA Live with Michael Moore (11/2/2016)

Night School: Internal Systems and Operations (9/7/2016)

Night School: Launching a Powerhouse Finance Team (8/31/2016)

Night School: Creating the Narrative (8/25/2016)

Night School: Reflective Democracy and Organizer Math (8/17/2016)

Night School: Building a People-Powered Campaign (8/10/2016)

DFA Live with Van Jones (6/30/2016)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (1/7/2016)

DFA Live with Robert Reich “Saving Capitalism” (10/21/2015)

Elizabeth Warren Conference Call (6/10/2015)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders on the TPP (4/15/2015)

Chuy Garcia Live: Strategy call to discuss Chicago’s April 7 mayoral election (3/9/2015)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (1/22/2015)

DFA Live with Robert Reich and Keith Ellison (12/18/2014)

DFA Live with George Lakoff and Nina Turner (10/7/2014)

Night School: Online to offline mobilization (6/26/2014)

Night School: Online fundraising (6/25/2014)

Night School: Developing an online strategy (6/24/2014)

Night School: Writing KickA Emails (6/23/2014)

Night School: Crisis Management (5/8/2014)

Night School: Paid & Earned Media (5/6/2014)

Night School: Developing a Campaign Message (5/5/2014)

Night School: Putting the Voterfile to Work (4/17/2014)

Night School: Precinct Organizing (4/16/2014)

Night School: Running an Effective Volunteer Program (4/15/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Voter Universe (4/14/2014)

Night School: Budget & Finance Planning (3/20/2014)

Night School: Fundraising Tactics (3/19/2014)

Night School: Making the Ask (3/18/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Donors (3/17/2014)

DFA Live with Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren (2/27/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Democracy in Action (2/18/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Fundraising (2/17/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Groundswell (2/12/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Running & Winning (2/10/2014)

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