Vi Lyles

Mayor of Charlotte, NC

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Vi Lyles has worked for the people of Charlotte for over forty years. Starting in the Budget Office in 1975, she was behind the scenes as Charlotte went from a town of 110,000 people to a city of over a million. She helped to build the largest city in the state; as Charlotte’s economic opportunities expanded she worked hard, watching it all from behind the scenes.

Raising two kids as a single mother after their father died shaped the way Vi witnessed Charlotte’s progress. The city grew, but it grew a little fatter for some than it did for others. But Vi kept working, because that’s what she was raised to do: work hard, and don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

However, over the past four years, Vi has moved closer to the front, serving as an At Large City Councilwoman and currently serving as Charlotte’s Mayor Pro Tem.

Throughout her time on the Council, Vi has tried to bring more people to the forefront, listening to the issues that effect and divide the people of Charlotte, working to end income disparities, increasing access to affordable housing, expanding transportation, and building trust between law enforcement and communities.

Vi will never stop working for the people of Charlotte and she trusts that the city has a bright future ahead, with the right leadership.

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