Cory Mason

Mayor of Racine, WI

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Cory Mason is a 5th generation resident of Racine, Wisconsin and is a proud product of the public school system. He has represented the city of Racine in the state Legislature since 2006 and has fought to raise the minimum wage, protect and promote the right to join a union, to save and restore our environment, and to free our students and graduates from the crippling burden of student debt.

Racine, Wisconsin shaped Cory Mason– now Cory wants to give back and shape the city of Racine.

It is a city where we can be happy, healthy, and safe. It is a place that was built by and still welcomes people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a community where your children can attend great public schools that empower them to reach their God-given potential. It is a place that innovates for the future, so that one day when they have families, Racine is still a city they can thrive.

This is Cory’s goal– to create more opportunity and lift up more workers and families in Racine because he knows real change can happen at the local level. He believes that every person has the right to have the dignity of a family-supporting job, clean air and water, and should see themselves reflected in their city government and the workforce as a whole. He wants to build a community that works together to attack poverty, invests in job-training and connects that to opportunities in the job market, looks to green energy as an economic opportunity as a moral imperative, and knows that no matter your race or national origin, you belong in Racine.

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