Tammy Garcia

Florida State House, District 37

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Tammy was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, graduated from a Florida public high school, graduated with her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of South Florida in Tampa, earned a Master’s and ABD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, and moved around for a few years to Virginia and various parts of North Carolina before finally settling down back home in Florida. After having lived in various parts of Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, Tammy knew that there was no place like the Tampa area. It’s home and always will be.

Years of studying and performing alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, facilitation, and negotiation have made Tammy the right choice for Tallahassee. She brings a level of understanding conflict from all sides that simply isn’t seen in politics these days. Being able to do this makes her uniquely qualified to be able to see past positions and to the root of the problem so that she can create a solution that reaches beyond political party. For years we’ve seen politicians argue but never listen. Tammy is trained to be able to listen, understand, and find a resolution that addresses the problem. She has worked with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers for a number of years. Tammy has also presented research at international conferences on violence in the aftermath of disasters and on the role the government plays in restricting scientific advancement. She is a member of various political clubs and caucuses in the state, has rallied with unions, and marched for student safety. At all times, she has been guided by the Girl Scout principle of “leave a place better than you found it”, working to improve the world around her.

Tammy is running for Florida House of Representatives, District 37. The politicians have time and again demonstrated that they were making bills do no understand, care, or concern for the people that they were supposed to be representing. Tammy is running for Florida House of Representatives in order to bring common sense and a care for the people being served to Tallahassee. The three most important issues to Tammy are ones she has chosen based on what the residents of her district have told her are most important. They are Education- A lack of funding our public education system and low teacher pay that causes them to leave for higher paying areas. Environmental concerns- Not allowing paving through nature preserves for housing developments, increasing solar energy usage, and banning offshore drilling and fracking. Equality- Equal pay for equal work, making the LGBT community a protected class, and equity in the criminal justice system. Tammy will be a legislator that fights to make Florida work for all Floridians.

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