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Alaska State House, District 32

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Dennis Harris moved to Kodiak at age 13 and went on to graduate from Kodiak High in 2009. While in high school he worked at the Alaska Fresh cannery & KFC/Taco Bell. After graduating he started working at the Walmart pharmacy and enrolled in Kodiak Community College. He then went on to earn a B.A in Biology and a Pharm.D. with a graduate level certificate in Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

While in pharmacy school Dennis Harris spent a majority of his time focusing on primary care and treating underserved populations. He helped to treat patients on Skid Row, one of the largest homeless populations in America and worked with at-risk youth at the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall to teach about STD’s and health maintenance. Dennis also focused on global medicine and public health, which led him to travel to Tijuana, Mexico multiple times a year to treat homeless and deported veterans. He also went on primary care medical missions to Panama & Romania to treat indigent populations (Ngobe and Roma people respectively). Dennis trained in many different types of healthcare settings. He trained at multidisciplinary family medicine clinics and makeshift clinics in developing countries. He trained at academic teaching hospitals in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, the VA Hospital in Long Beach, and the small critical access hospital in Kodiak.

Dennis is running for Alaska State Hosue District 32. He is committed to making housing more affordable, expand Medicare for all, fight the income inequality that is resembling a feudal system more and more each day, and protect those that are disenfranchised. Dennis is running to bring voting reforms from making elections a state holiday to have more representative democracy. He is running a grassroots campaign and wants people to be heard. He also wants them to know that Dennis will be the champion of the people of Alaska in the legislature and that I will fight for their best interest every day.

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