AG Campaign Brief Announcement

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA), unveiled all 22 Attorneys General who support Montana Attorney General Steve

Bullocks brief urging the Supreme Court to reconsider the 2010Citizens United decision. Support of the brief was thought to be minimal, but with

the help of DFAs grassroots activists these 22 Attorneys General felt pressure and

stood up for democracy by signaling their support. The brief currently has

bipartisan support.

DFA concluded its grassroots efforts on Friday with petition deliveries in

three states where the Attorneys General remain undecided Florida, Oregon and



incredibly proud of our work defending the democratic process in this country.

Attorney General Steve Bullocks brief lays out a very sound argument on why

the Supreme Court made the wrong decision on Citizens

United, said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. This

campaign was not about political wins and losses, left or right, or Democrats

and Republicans. The campaign was waged to defend the democratic process

from big money and corporate influence. Thanks go out to our 200,000 plus

members who got involved in this campaign.

For nearly a century, the state of Montana has restricted corporate spending in

elections a direct conflict with the Citizens United ruling. Late last

year, the states Supreme Court upheld Montanas law. Bullock defended

Montanas 100 year-old law in court.

Montana Attorney General Bullock weighed in on the importance of campaign

finance reform:


corporations to spend unlimited amounts of shareholder money from the corporate

treasury rather than from the individual bank accounts of that

corporations officers and key employees is bad for our democracy, bad for

the integrity of our elections and contrary to common-sense, said Steve

Bullock, Montana Attorney General.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed enforcement of Montanas law

while it the case is appealed before the High Court. Democracy for

America has taken steps to chip away Citizens United, first by collecting over

200,000 signatures supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders Constitutional Amendment and

now turning their efforts to the court. During the campaign, DFA

collected 105,640 member signatures and made over 1,200 member phone calls urging their Attorneys General to support Attorney General Bullocks fight.

A full list of supportive Attorneys General and the brief can be found here:

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