Arshad Hasan on Elizabeth Warren

Democracy for America: Elizabeth Warren the Right Choice for


Burlington, VT - Today Democracy for America (DFA) released the following statement regarding the group's endorsement of Massachusetts Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren. "No one candidate has come under

more scrutiny than Elizabeth Warren, said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director

of DFA. Her role has always been to fight for working families against the

corrupt interests of corporations and is the only candidate running for Senate in Massachusetts who will stand

up for her constituents.

Elizabeth Warren will rebuild Americas middle class by leveling the playing

field that is stacked against the American people. She will continue to hold Wall Street

accountable, simplify regulations, push for a more fair tax code and reform

campaign finance laws.

Warren has a strong history being one of Wall Streets toughest watch

dogs. While K Street has had no problem

with the influx of lobbyists knocking on Congress door, the American people

do, continued Hasan. This November, the people of Massachusetts

can send a clear message to lobbyists on K Street Elizabeth Warren is on the


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