Broderick Release

Burlington, VT Today Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed Mary

Ellen Broderick for New Mexico House District 30.

"Mary Ellen is a lifelong activist

with a spirit for change, Jim Dean, Chair of DFA, explained to NM voters

while canvassing with Mary Ellen this weekend. She not only believes that

things will improve in New Mexico, but she will fight for whats right, whats

fair, and be a strong advocate for her community. Real, progressive change happens at the local

level. It manifests itself more quickly

because ordinary people see what matters to their community and what will help

make things better. Thats why were urging folks in New Mexicos 30th

District to support Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen Broderick has been a leading progressive activist in New Mexico

since she co-founded the Democracy for New Mexico blog and meet-up group in

2004. Broderick believes that healthcare is a fundamental right not a

privilege for just those that can afford it and she will see that healthcare

reform is fully implemented in the state because it not only provides

desperately needed services, but also provides thousands of new health-related

jobs. Mary Ellen will also embrace New

Mexicos unique leadership towards a green-energy economy by investing in new

sustainable sources of clean energy and putting her foot down to hold polluters


I am extremely grateful for the DFA endorsement. Democracy for America believes in people

powered progress, not corporate funded campaigns, said Mary Ellen Broderick. This is exactly what my campaign for NM House

District 30 is about people power.

Were grassroots at every level.

I never thought I would be running for State Office, but the time has

come for average everyday citizens to take back our government.

Mary Ellen is running against first-term

Republican Nate Gentry. Since taking

office, Gentry has inexcusably missed 94 votes, making him among the most

absent members of the New Mexico Roundhouse.



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