DFA on King v. Burwell: SCOTUS ruling is victory over “GOP’s kamikaze attacks against ACA…”

Democracy for America applauds the court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act. ACA is here to stay, period.

Statement from Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean on today’s ruling upholding healthcare reform:

“Today’s ruling isn’t just a victory for the millions of people who will get to keep their healthcare, it’s a victory for the millions more who are sick and tired of the GOP’s relentless kamikaze attacks against a program that Americans want to see improved, not dismantled.

“While Democracy for America members have long believed that Obamacare must be improved by giving every man, woman, and child access to Medicare, the time for the debate about the Affordable Care Act’s legality is definitively over.” -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America.

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