Raul Ruiz Polling

Burlington, VT Today, Democracy for America (DFA), released

poll numbers showing Republican darling, Mary Bono Mack losing ground in the

congressional district she has held since 1998.

Bono Macks favorability has sunk since August, proving once again that

Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz can unseat her by holding her under 50% in the

most recent polls.

In a poll conducted on September 12 and 13 in Californias 36th Congressional

District, found Bono Macks favorability underwater 44-41%.

Meanwhile, Democratic hopeful Ruiz has gained 6 points in his

favorability since August, which is positive news for the campaign on the year

anniversary of Ruizs announcement for his bid for Congress.

These numbers represent a strong improvement for Raul Ruiz, an ER doctor turned

candidate to defend Medicare against Republicans efforts to end the program and

give seniors vouchers. While Ruiz

remains 3 points behind Bono Mack, Ruizs campaign only has room to gain in the

polls as Ruiz name recognition among democrats and independents continues to


Ruiz, a candidate named to DFAs Dean Dozen in August, is one of the

organizations main focus now until Election Day. Jim Dean, Chair of

Democracy for America said, Ruiz is not only someone who believes in his

values and morals, but lives them day in and day out in the Emergency Room.

These poll numbers indicate that hes gaining popularity among voter in

Californias 36th District and its no wonder why hes the right choice for

the district and a fresh voice needed to end the stalemate in Congress.

Polling was paid for by Democracy for America and was conducted by Public

Policy Polling on September 12th and 13th in a survey of

1,281 likely voters in Californias 36th District. The margin of

error for this survey was +/- 2.74%.

Earlier this summer, Raul Ruiz was named one of Democracy for America's Dean

Dozen. The Dean Dozen is DFA's highest tier of federal endorsement. It is

limited to 12 total candidates running for either US House or US Senate and

represents the races that DFA will expend the greatest amount of resources on

during the 2012 cycle.

A Link to these polling results can be found

here http://www.scribd.com/doc/106270179. A memo highlighting these polling results can be

found here http://www.scribd.com/doc/106270086.
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