Voters in Florida’s 26th Congressional District Reject Corruption, Elect Joe Garcia

Released: Nov 7, 2012 1:45 AM

Burlington, VT – Today, Democracy for America (DFA), congratulated newly-elected Joe Garcia, a Dean Dozen candidate who won in Florida’s newly created 26th Congressional District. Garcia, who unseated the controversial and corrupt Congressman, David Rivera, will head to Washington to represent the values and opinions of the district. 

“DFA’s poll for our campaign was one of the first conducted in our race and it helped put us on the map for Democrats across the country, said Joe Garcia. He continued, “The support we have received from DFA has gone a long way in putting another strong Democrat in office, and we are very proud to have had their support throughout this journey. I could not have won without their commitment to my campaign.”

DFA's national membership made over 42,000 get out the vote calls into the district since the middle of October. Volunteers from around the state came out to support Garcia in the final days by knocking on over 600 doors knowing a victory depended upon turning Democrats out to the polls. 

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, said "Garcia’s win indicates that voters have rejected the Tea Party agenda that has held the country hostage. Voters ousted Tea Party candidates across the country proving that 2010 was a fluke for their far right-wing agenda. Simply put, voters dismissed an extreme agenda with Garcia’s victory tonight."

Dean continued, “Joe has been a model DFA candidate and we were proud to support him during his first campaign in 2008, and are proud, once again, to have supported him so he could see victory in 2012.  Joe has backbone to be a brave progressive voice in Congress. We count on him to fight for continued economic recovery by building and supporting the creation of a stronger middle class. We congratulate Joe on his hard earned victory.”


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