Wisconsin Recall Press Release for GOTV

Democracy for America: Were all in for Wisconsin

DFA utilizes strength of ground game as the election draws near

Burlington, VT

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) released its organizational goals

for the final two weeks of the Wisconsin recall election, highlighting

their continued support of the We Are Wisconsin campaign. DFA, known

for its strength in ground operations and Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

efforts has decided to go all in on the Wisconsin recall ground game. Weve known for a long time that the strength of our organization is our ground game,said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America.

With Super PACS drowning the airwaves in Wisconsin, people are tuning

out. Were committing to knocking on over 80,000 doors in the next two

weeks and making 100,000 calls in our efforts to recall Scott Walker. In the 15 month long campaign Democracy for America has already:

Knocked on 123,000 doors to identify Wisconsin voters who support the recall efforts;

Made over 382,000 phone calls in over 36 counties across the state; and

Over 2500 DFA members have volunteered their time to help in the recall efforts


are here to make a difference in the Wisconsin recall efforts, Jim

Dean continued. The assault on working families started in Wisconsin

but wont end there. Across the Nation more families are feeling the

pinch where it counts their pocketbooks because Republicans like Gov.

Scott Walker are working for one thing securing a fat check from big

business and Super PACs. We know this election will come down to

democratic turn-out in Dane County and were focusing our entire efforts

to make sure turnout is high. Democracy

for America has been on the ground in Wisconsin fighting back and

protecting working families for the past 15 months. DFA organizers are

leading three major get out the vote efforts in Racine, Madison and Eau



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