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DFA on SYRIA STRIKES: “While Trump likes to play authoritarian, it’s Congress” who decides on war

April 13, 2018

In response to Donald Trump’s announcement this evening of military strikes against Syrian military targets, Democracy for America’s Executive Director Charles Chamberlain released the following statement:

"Once again, Donald Trump and the war hawks running his administration are making America less safe by throwing us into the civil war in Syria without any sort Congressional approval.  

"While Donald Trump certainly likes to play the…

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DFA says Paul Ryan’s reelection retreat shows Dems the inclusive populist path to “lasting majority”

April 11, 2018

Reports broke this morning saying that House Speaker Paul Ryan has decided not to run for reelection.  

Democracy for America has been a strong supporter of Ryan’s Democratic opponent, Randy Bryce since June 2017.

Here’s a statement from DFA Chair Jim Dean on Paul Ryan’s retreat from a reelection fight and what lesson Democrats need to learn from it:

“Paul Ryan’s decision to pull the ripcord on his reelection is a direct response to…

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DFA launches “Criminal Justice Reform Champions” slate backing 10 for Sheriff, DA, Judge

April 5, 2018

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced the first ten endorsements on a new criminal justice reform-focused slate of progressive candidates for sheriff, District Attorney, and judge in communities across the country.  

The ten candidates DFA is endorsing today and adding to the slate are:

  • Diana Becton for District Attorney (Contra Costa County, CA)
  • Eric Higgins for Sheriff (Pulaski County, AR)
  • Dean Johansson for District…
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Democracy for America endorses in five key DC City Council races

March 30, 2018

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement in Washington, DC’s races for City Council Chair and four City Council seats.  DFA’s endorsed candidates are:

  • Ed Lazere, Council Chair
  • Jeremiah Lowery, At-Large City Council
  • Elissa Silverman, At- Large City Council
  • Brianne Nadeau, Ward 1 City Council
  • Charles Allen, Ward 6 City Council

DFA is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with just under 10,000…

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DFA endorses Kaniela Ing for U.S. House in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District

March 23, 2018

Democracy for America (DFA) today endorsed Hawaii State Rep. Kaniela Ing in his race to become the next member of Congress from Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

Ing, a three-time elected member of the Hawaii State House, is DFA’s first Congressional endorsement in Hawaii in 2018. In July 2017, DFA endorsed Sen. Mazie Hirono for her 2018 re-election following a heartfelt speech she delivered on the Senate floor that helped derail…

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DFA backs Paulette Jordan for Governor of Idaho

March 15, 2018

Democracy for America (DFA) today endorsed its support for Paulette Jordan in the race to become Idaho’s next Governor.

First elected in 2014, Jordan represented North Idaho in the Idaho State House.  In addition to her work in Boise, Jordan serves as Chair of the Energy, Natural Resources, and Transportation Committee for the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators and is a member of the Idaho Advisory Committee to the…

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DFA endorses Greg Edwards for U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District

March 13, 2018

Democracy for America (DFA) today endorsed Greg Edwards in his race to secure the Democratic nomination and election to the U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional district.

Edwards is the second endorsement DFA has made in the Keystone State during the 2018 election cycle.  In January, DFA endorsed Jess King in her race for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District.

DFA Chair Jim Dean on the grassroots…

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DFA celebrates primary successes of Moser (TX-7), Escobar (TX-16), Ortiz-Jines (TX-23)

March 7, 2018

Last night, three of Democracy for America’s four endorsed U.S. House candidates in Texas -- Laura Moser (TX-7), Veronica Escobar (TX-16), & Gina Ortiz-Jones (TX-23) --  either won outright or advanced to a May run-off.

DFA also backed Joe Gonzales, who beat a Democratic incumbent to win Texas’ Bexar County District Attorney primary.

Statement from Chair Jim Dean on DFA’s big victories in Texas U.S. House races last night:


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Mosers’ run-off-bound TX-7 finish shows DCCC must learn old “gutless, corporate playbook” is a loser

March 7, 2018

Results from Laura Moser’s race in Texas 7th Congressional District are in and have made it clear that, despite the DCCC’s recent public bomb throwing, she’s heading to the May 22nd run-off.

Democracy for America (DFA) has been a strong supporter of Moser's campaign since mid-2017 and vehemently defended her following the DCCC’s base-depressing attacks.

DFA’s response to Moser’s strong, run-off-bound finish in the TX-7 race:


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Democracy for America endorses Rep. Ro Khanna for reelection

February 23, 2018

Democracy for America (DFA) today endorsed Rep. Ro Khanna in his bid for reelection in California’s 17th congressional district.

This is the first time that DFA has endorsed Congressman Khanna.  In 2014 and 2016, DFA was a fierce opponent of Khanna’s efforts to unseat Mike Honda, a progressive leader in the U.S. House.  In fact, DFA opposed Khanna so ferociously in 2014 that he explicitly referenced the group in his concession…

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DFA responds to the DCCC’s base-depressing attacks on Democrat Laura Moser’s TX-7 race

February 22, 2018

Earlier this afternoon, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched an attack on Democrat Laura Moser's in the race for Texas' 7th Congressional District.  

Democracy for America (DFA) has been a strong supporter of Moser's campaign since mid-2017 -- in fact, on Tuesday, DFA's Chair Jim Dean rallied with the Moser campaign's grassroots volunteers in Houston to help launch their early vote GOTV efforts.


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DFA says Senate “train-wreck” proves Trump’s “bigotry-laced immigration policy is an epic failure”

February 15, 2018

Democracy for America’s response to this afternoon’s multi-vote failure to pass legislation protecting DREAMers from Trump-ordered deportation in the U.S. Senate:

“The one lesson from the today’s Senate train-wreck is that Donald Trump’s bigotry-laced immigration policy is an epic failure that does not and should not ever have the votes to become law. We continue to urge Democrats to stand strong in the fight for a clean DREAM Act, the…

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DFA backs four progressive women in primaries key to Democrats retaking U.S. House

January 25, 2018

National group says Porter (CA-45), Saad (MI-11), King (PA-16), Ortiz-Jones (TX-23) are “uniquely equipped to fire up the grassroots & replace Trump cheerleaders”

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Katie Porter (CA-45), Fayrouz Saad (MI-11), Jess King (PA-16), and Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) in four key Democratic primaries whose winners will be critical to Democrats’ chances of retaking the U.S. House in…

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DFA backs Marcus Ferrell for Arizona State House

January 23, 2018

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Marcus Ferrell in his competitive primary for Arizona Legislative District 24.

DFA is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with 38,965 members in Arizona and more than one million members nationwide. The grassroots progressive organization’s endorsement of Ferrell is a continuation of its commitment to delivering inclusive populist change to Arizona in 2018.  So…

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DFA says Dems #TrumpShutdown cave is “why we lost in 2016 & why a 2018 wave is far from guaranteed”

January 22, 2018

Democracy for America response to Senate Democrats' cave on the #TrumpShutdown:

“Today’s cave by most Senate Democrats was not only a stunning display of moral and political cowardice, it was a strategically incoherent move that demonstrates precisely why so many believe the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for anything.

“A promise from known liars Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, or Donald Trump isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, yet…

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