We know climate change is real, it’s here, and there’s little time for us to prevent it from turning into a devastating disaster – one that will wreak havoc on some of the most vulnerable communities across our country and the planet.

We need legislation like the Green New Deal and progressive leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to mitigate the worst impacts climate change, create good jobs, and promote environmental justice.

Past Events

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Night School: Running Expansive Campaigns (5/13/2020)

IL-03 Candidate Endorsement (11/29/2017)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (10/12/2017)

DFA Live with Ta-Nehisi Coates (10/5/2017)

“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”: Host a Movie Night in September! (9/21/2017)

DFA Live with Chokwe Lumumba (5/27/2017)

DFA Live with Chokwe Antar Lumumba (5/25/2017)

Night School: Building Reflective Democracy - Voter Targeting and Expanding the Electorate (5/17/2017)

DFA Live with Elizabeth Warren and Rob Quist (4/26/2017)

Night School: Building a Reflective Democracy - The Story of Us and Now (4/13/2017)

DFA Live with Jeff Merkley and Ilyse Hogue (3/22/2017)

Night School: So you want to run for office? Considering and Launching Your Run (3/9/2017)

DFA Live with Keith Ellison (1/31/2017)

DFA Live Election Debrief with Pramila Jayapal, Robert Reich and Keith Ellison (11/10/2016)

DFA Live with Michael Moore (11/2/2016)

Night School: Internal Systems and Operations (9/7/2016)

Night School: Launching a Powerhouse Finance Team (8/31/2016)

Night School: Creating the Narrative (8/25/2016)

Night School: Reflective Democracy and Organizer Math (8/17/2016)

Night School: Building a People-Powered Campaign (8/10/2016)

DFA Live with Van Jones (6/30/2016)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (1/7/2016)

DFA Live with Robert Reich “Saving Capitalism” (10/21/2015)

Elizabeth Warren Conference Call (6/10/2015)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders on the TPP (4/15/2015)

Chuy Garcia Live: Strategy call to discuss Chicago’s April 7 mayoral election (3/9/2015)

DFA Live with Bernie Sanders (1/22/2015)

DFA Live with Robert Reich and Keith Ellison (12/18/2014)

DFA Live with George Lakoff and Nina Turner (10/7/2014)

Night School: Online to offline mobilization (6/26/2014)

Night School: Online fundraising (6/25/2014)

Night School: Developing an online strategy (6/24/2014)

Night School: Writing KickA Emails (6/23/2014)

Night School: Crisis Management (5/8/2014)

Night School: Paid & Earned Media (5/6/2014)

Night School: Developing a Campaign Message (5/5/2014)

Night School: Putting the Voterfile to Work (4/17/2014)

Night School: Precinct Organizing (4/16/2014)

Night School: Running an Effective Volunteer Program (4/15/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Voter Universe (4/14/2014)

Night School: Budget & Finance Planning (3/20/2014)

Night School: Fundraising Tactics (3/19/2014)

Night School: Making the Ask (3/18/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Donors (3/17/2014)

DFA Live with Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren (2/27/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Democracy in Action (2/18/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Fundraising (2/17/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Groundswell (2/12/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Running & Winning (2/10/2014)

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