Ammar Campa-Najjar

U.S. House, California 50

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Ammar was born in East County, the son of a Christian working-class mother who raised him with help from family and neighbors. From my first job as a church janitor to serving in the White House; he has devoted his life to service.

He’s running to give back to his mother’s generation, and to all those seeking to live and retire with dignity. As a business owner, he knows the burdens they face. As a Labor Department official, he served working families. Being your congressman isn’t about his personal politics — it’s about your personal health, safety, and economic dignity.

While career politicians put their own interest ahead of ours and use special interest contributions and tax dollars to finance lavish lifestyles, he’ll never forget where he come from. He’ll fight for real ethics and campaign finance reform – and he won’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

We all have a role to play in restoring America’s core values: responsibility from all; opportunity for all. That’s why in Washington, he worked to advance critical programs, including apprenticeship jobs that pay double the average American’s income.

Ammar will be a champion for the struggling and the working people of CA-50; fighting for sensible gun laws, protecting our environment, supporting humane and immigration reform, improving access to debt free and affordable education, Ammar is also a proud supporter of Medicare for All. Ammar is running a people powered campaign fighting to unseat a Republican incumbent and if elected Ammar will bring real change and a progressive voice to the 50th Congressional District in California.

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