Nida Allam

U.S. House, NC-04

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My name is Nida Allam. I am the daughter of immigrants from India and Pakistan and I have called NC-04 home since I moved here with my family at age 5. Serving others has always been guided by my faith and my family. Growing up, my mom was active in our community, helping newly arrived refugees find apartments to settle into. Seeing people realize they had just entered a community that was truly looking out for them is an experience that has stuck with me and has guided my work and my career since.

I was the first Muslim woman to be elected in North Carolina and currently serve as a Durham County Commissioner fighting for everyone in my community and securing wins like a $15 wage for county employees and expanded services for immigrants and refugees making North Carolina their home.

In Congress, I will center the voices of immigrants and people of color and speak out when people’s basic human rights are under attack. As an immigrant and a hijabi woman growing up in post-9/11 America, I know too often our voices are left out of the discussion. I also know it isn’t enough to just be a Democrat, particularly on issues of foreign policy and immigration. Too many Democrats compromise our shared values.

I will continue that work by fighting to center our foreign policy on diplomacy, cooperation, and the protection of human rights, not on endless wars designed to preserve our financial interests. I support reducing the defense budget to prioritize issues like domestic poverty. To truly live up to our values we need an immigration system that provides a pathway to citizenship for everyone living in the United States. We need to end the mistreatment of migrants at the border and allow everyone to exercise their human right to seek asylum.

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