MUSLIM BAN: DFA says “sky-high” 2018 stakes “even higher” after SCOTUS ruling

Democracy for America's statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's incredibly disappointing ruling on the Trump Muslim Ban:

"The 5-4 passage of Donald Trump's Muslim Ban via a Supreme Court seat stolen by Mitch McConnell and his Senate cronies is an important reminder of the complicity of every single Republican member of Congress in the execution of Donald Trump's anti-American, hate-fueled agenda.

"After watching Donald Trump call white supremacists 'very fine people' and advance a policy directing the government to steal infants from the arms of refugee parents, the stakes of the 2018 election were already sky-high and, after today's ruling, got even higher. Donald Trump is succeeding in rotting core institutions of American government from the inside out. This fall's election may be one of our last chances to start the process of saving them." -- Neil Sroka, Communications Director, Democracy for America

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